Global Leadership

A Challenge for Global Companies

Rapid growth in emerging markets and lower growth in most developed economies, is pushing companies to globalize faster thus the need to develop a special type of leader is paramount, a truly global leader. Global leaders and executives—those who can work effectively across countries and regions to help achieve overall corporate objectives while balancing regional and local interests.

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Dr. Gary Ranker

Global Leadership Expert

As one of the Fathers of the modern executive coaching movement Dr. Gary Ranker brings three decades of professional experience focusing solely on coaching the worlds’s most senior managers. First as a Global Leader himself and second as a coach to top CEO’s and executives around the world. Dr. Ranker and his team of global senior coaches now work in dozens of countries for numerous Fortune 500 Companies.

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“Here is what I got from Gary: First to help me see, assess, and realize it’s really not a dot but a range on a scale. Second to help me form a habit, a framework of reflective thinking and continued learning and progress, and third to help everyone around me to form that habit as well.”

– CEO, Beijing, China

“We’ve structured some of Gary’s coaching assignments with our company as more of an intervention. The leaders trust Gary and they trust the organization, given the fact that it’s ongoing. For it to be effective it has to be ongoing. After some time people may reach a point where they need something different, but I think it certainly is more of an ongoing relationship than a short term intervention. A short term intervention is to fix a problem; long term ongoing coaching is to develop potential and help the person to go beyond potential.”

– Global Human Resources Executive, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“I was offered coaching as a bonus to stop me from leaving the company. The company was willing to invest in me. Working with Gary, sometimes we focused on short term interventions resulting from a crisis at a certain point in time. He needed to focus on helping me on a particular topic that’s really an urgent concern. At that point in time, how I am managing my staff or how people see me is not the most important thing. There is a long term goal to make me a better communicator, to enable me to get the best from my people and to be the best leader that I can possibly be. But of course you have to deal with the crises as they come up. I think it works very well. Gary deals with what is important to me and in the background I rely on Gary to help me notice what I can improve about myself as a leader.”

– CEO, Dubai, U.A.E.

“While I understand the Japanese culture, I want to maintain the toughness and the discipline that I’ve learned from the US company. There are ways I can become muddled when I get pressure from Japanese stakeholders who have not had international experience. Gary gives me a good balance between. He always brings me back and reminds me what I should do and what I should be disciplined about. In a global context it’s extremely important not to lose myself. Gary has helped me with this.”

– CEO, Tokyo, Japan

“I was incredibly satisfied, impressed and grateful with the coaching Gary did for me and my people. The number one thing that I got out of Gary’s coaching, and I could not have done my job without it, was the help getting me through some pretty dark places. There are times in these roles it does border on killing you with the pressure and stress. What worked for me was Gary’s ability to help me be able to draw a breath and realize what the priorities were. If I’m not in a position where I’m physically, mentally and emotionally fierce and able to look after myself, there is no way I can perform in my job or look after others.”      

– CEO, Sydney, Australia

“When I think about my journey with Gary, what it set out to be and what it became, it changed pretty dramatically to play to my needs. I did not expect what I got. It’s hard to put myself back a couple of years, but I don’t think I expected it to be what it was, which was so uniquely tailored to my own needs and evolved. I don’t think I expected it would be as personal.

What is it that sticks out of my mind in terms of lasting value are two things. One is bespoke planning around individuals to ensure that I really strategically think about what I want out of that relationship, and the best way of getting what I want out of that relationship. And the other one is maintaining a positive mindset.

I’ve told Gary that he is going to have to find a new name for what he does, because I think the term ‘coaching’ undersells what he does.”

– CEO, Hong Kong

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Books by Dr. Gary Ranker


I first met Gary Ranker in 1993, a year after I had joined General Electric in New York City.


Global Mindset Leadership: Navigating China and US Business Cultures is a book written by three very skilled professionals.


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