Work with Gary

Gary Ranker’s Coaching Program Objectives:

Help a CEO to become more effective by understanding interpersonal relationships, gain greater self awareness, and to develop a global mindset.

Target Audience:

Gary’s coaching is most relevant to CEOs or persons being considered to be promoted to CEO in the future. These people typically have responsibility across a number of countries, and therefore the development of a global mindset is important.

Why Gary Ranker:

  • Gary has been a CEO with full P/L responsibility in 3 countries: UK, Germany, Australia.
  • Taught Comparative Management, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
  • Doctoral research in management across countries.
  • Began coaching 1989 when asked by GE’s Jack Welch to be a coach.
  • 28+ years full time individual coaching.
  • Considered one of the fathers of the executive coaching profession.
  • Significant psychological training enabling understanding of interpersonal relationships.
  • Has lived 14 years outside his home country of the United States.
  • Has a global practice – traveled 800,000 km last year to serve global CEO clients.
  • Considered one of the world’s top authorities on ‘global mindset’ in management.