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Gary Ranker

Global CEO Coach / Advisor to Chairmen
Helps clients develop a global mindset

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Gary Ranker, The Global Senior Executive Coach
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Written about Gary Ranker by A. D. Alley at Martin Marietta Corporation in Los Angeles, California TYPICAL COACHING PROJECT


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Gary Ranker specializes in executive coaching and conflict intervention to drive behavioral change across organizations. He brings real world practical top management experience in a competitive business environment.

The executive coaching Gary provides is at the in-depth quality end of the spectrum of coaching based on the 360 model. Each assignment is individually adapted to the specific client. No standardized psychological instruments are used. Rather, key issues come to light based on intensive individual interviews. Gary uses a customized toolkit to assist in the behavior change process. These tools which enable the client to strategically prioritize their interpersonal business relationships and track progress toward goals. Individual strategy plans are developed for all key relationships. A very practical political analysis of the environment is achieved.

Gary Ranker takes the time to establish with any new client a solid understanding of their unique culture and goals so that he can be an effective partner in their change process.

Gary coaches on two fronts:

•  Facilitating individual targeted behavioral change based on the 360 model.

•  Assisting clients to gain a better understanding and control of their business social environment (goal: have more persons politically "onboard" with their agenda).

Very senior executives are usually the focus of Gary's coaching. Some of these executives are highly valued, yet their behavior or style is hindering their effectiveness. Others seek coaching as a tool to maximize effectiveness in a time when they and their people are increasingly squeezed to deliver more.

Gary's methodologies provide a tool to give feedback to executives which allows them to gain insight into their interpersonal behavior patterns. They understand that addressing developmental issues is a key to becoming a learning organization. These executives have gone past any possible stigma and view the investment by their firm in their coaching as a significant personal competitive advantage.

In fact, many of Gary's clients talk about how their executive coaching gives them a similar performance advantage in business to that received through coaching by a star athlete. Through coaching, both are able to squeeze even more performance from the same person year after year. This enables them to stay on top in an increasingly competitive environment.

In addition to improving performance of individual executives, companies working with Gary Ranker also benefit company-wide. Most significant and lasting changes is achieved when the business leader and the senior management team go through the 360 coaching process at the same time. Gary's process demonstrates the power and responsibility of the individual to positive affect the team's interaction.




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