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Written about Gary Ranker by A. D. Alley at Martin Marietta Corporation in Los Angeles, California COACHING SERVICES

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Written about Gary Ranker by A. D. Alley at Martin Marietta Corporation in Los Angeles, California TYPICAL COACHING PROJECT


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Example of a Typical Coaching Assignment


This could be an assignment to coach a senior executive who is assuming a new position of greater power and responsibility.  They might have management styles or behaviors that 'haven't mattered' up to now, but now wish to retool to meet the greater challenges.

Or they find themselves in a more politicized situation and need to better understand how their goals are affected by others' agendas. They need to learn how to be more proactive in developing strategies for success within a complex social environment.


Now he or she is going to be in the spotlight and needs to deliver the best they can be. Their actions hold high consequence and are very visible.

Or the person to be coached realizes they need to grow to meet the increasing demands of ever greater productivity and efficiency, just to keep up with the growth of their company and the leadership needs of their current position.


Dr. Ranker is introduced as a potential coach, and if the 'chemistry' works, there's agreement to go ahead with the coaching. 

During the first month, there are initial meetings with the person being coached to go over what to anticipate.  Also during this time there will be in-person interviews with about 10 people who know the executive best.  These interviews will be with subordinates, peers, persons to whom the executive reports, perhaps Board, or other more senior executive.  Each of these face to face confidential interviews will last 30 minutes to one hour, typically in the interviewee's own office.

Goal of the Interviews

Common themes emerging from the interviews, including both positive characteristics that people want to encourage and areas for development, will become clear. Usually two, not more than three goals are chosen to potentially work on.


Month 1: Introduction and Initial 360 Interviewing.
Typical assumption is 10 people interviewed taking between 30 minutes to one hour each onsite, in their offices.

Month 2: Common Themes are Established and Agreed. 
Coach works with client to develop an on action plans toward agreed change. 

Month 3-6: Regular, Twice Monthly Individual Face to Face Coaching. 
Each visit usually lasts between 1-2 hours. 

Month 6:  Follow up and Feedback.
After about 6 months the same initial individuals are interviewed and asked how much change has occurred in their perception. Feedback is given from this formal check in about results. 

Month 7-9 and onward to end of project:  Twice Monthly Individual Face to Face Coaching. 
There will be regular time dedicated again for coach and client to meet two times per month in person.

Month 9-12:  Follow up and Future Action Steps.
Conclusion of overall coaching usually comes after about 9 months to 1 year after start.  Data is collected again from original interviewees and results are given to establish how much change was perceived and give suggestions for further action to the client.

Typical Project Assumes NYC / Tri-State Area

The entire process assumes being able to start coaching within 1 month after agreement to proceed, and that the executive, and most of the people involved in the 360 interviews are in the NYC / Tri-state area.  Other locations will need cost reassessment for budget impact of travel time.




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