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Keryl Egan on Corporate Bullies
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Keryl Egan on Corporate Bullies Keryl Egan on Corporate Bullies CORPORATE BULLIES
Keryl Egan on Corporate Bullies
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  I'd like to introduce my colleague and friend Keryl Egan. She has focused her consultancy to corporations around her ground breaking research about corporate bullies and the effect they have on others in an organization's culture.

Keryl is sought after to personally intervene as a coach with both bullies and to treat affected individuals. She serves as a strategist to world class corporations on how to discourage bullying behavior. I invite you to look over Keryl's information and if you'd like further dialogue you may wish to contact her directly. Keryl is a welcome new addition to our expanding team of professionals addressing issues within "corporate politics."

Gary Ranker
The Corporate Politics Coach

Keryl is a specialist consultant to organizations in the areas of bullying and harassment, including political bullying.  She works both organisationally and individually on the prevention of bullying and on the change process when bullying has already occurred. This includes organisational stress assessments, individual coaching, 360º processes and teamwork for both bullies and bullied.
Bullying is a serious workplace safety issue that affects mental and physical health.  Symptoms in targets of bullying include

  • Loss of confidence in abilities and judgment
  • Withdrawal from friends and colleagues
  • Fearfulness, insomnia and physical symptoms
  • Inability to concentrate or make decisions, memory loss
  • Post traumatic Stress Syndrome with avoidance, numbing and nightmares
  • Severe depression and work-related suicide

Bullying often results from poor leadership skills, particularly in the areas of emotional self management, communication and political skills. To change bullying behavioural problems, Keryl provides a customized individual leadership program based on assessment of capabilities in the following areas

  • emotional intelligence
  • communication skills
  • conflict management and negotiation
  • the constructive use of power, politics and influence
  • leading teams through the adaptive challenge of change programs

Keryl has worked with a range of organisations within the public and private sectors including higher education, health, the media, professional services firms, not-for-profit organizations, manufacturing and unions.

A newly acquired company within a large conglomerate had not made a profit in ten years. An inter-state manager, known for her capacity to effect a turnaround was transferred to do the job. She found however, that her work and capacity to deliver was impeded not only by a cynical culture but also by political play at the group level. Facing her first potential failure, she became frustrated and aggressive. This lead to a bullying complaint against her and the potential derailing of her career.  Executive coaching focused on the development of emotional intelligence and communication skills as well as corporate political mapping and strategies. She succeeded in presenting her business dilemmas more persuasively, successfully influencing senior management and listened more effectively to staff. This ultimately lead to greater collaboration and teamwork. The company recently made a 30% profit and the manager has been offered promotion.

Keryl Egan
Sydney, Australia
612 9564 0425
Mobile 0414 734 840

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