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Keryl Egan on Corporate Bullies Keryl Egan on Corporate Bullies CORPORATE BULLIES
Keryl Egan on Corporate Bullies
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Donny Huang is founder and managing director of 4stones Cross-Cultural Consulting Group (, the first local Chinese cross-cultural management firm.

Donny is actively bridging the cultural differences between China and the rest of world in the business area through consulting, coaching, training, teaching and writing. He helps both international executives/managers and Chinese national executives/managers to develop cross-cultural competence, and contribute effectively to their organizations. He has consulted with large Chinese national corporations such as Lenovo, Huawei Technology, ZTE Corporation as well as multinationals such Motorola, the World Bank, UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland, Areva, Agilent, Telkom Indonesia, among others. He is regarded as the top cross-cultural management specialist in China by Chinese medias.

Donny started his career with Standard Chartered Bank. Following his MBA, Mr. Huang moved on to serve as International Operations Supervisor and Representative for Allied Domecq Retailing International, the parent company of Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts. He was VP at Datahouse, an established Honolulu-based management and technology consulting company and then Managing Director of Pilot Marketing Management Consulting Co. Prior to founding 4stones, Mr. Huang was Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a Canadian public-traded company.

Donny has taught Intercultural Communications at the Chaminade University of Honolulu, and was adjunct faculty at the Japan-American Institute of Management Science (JAIMS). Currently he is teaching cross-cultural communications and management at Peking University, University of International Business and Economics- Beijing (UIBE), and Tsinghua University.

Donny Huang is frequently quoted in and publishes over 30 articles in the Chinese business press, as well as contributing to “Managing Cultural Difference” (Sixth Edition) by Dr. Robert Moran. He holds an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona, USA, and did graduate work on Cultures and Leadership at the East-West Center in Hawaii. He also completed the Intern Program of the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Donny Huang
4stones Cross-Cultural Consulting - Understanding Cultures for Business
Tel: (8610)58876336/37
Fax: (8610)58876338

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Gary Ranker and Donny Huang speak on a panel at Thunderbird Najafi Global Mindset Institute's Developing Leaders for Global Roles Summit about global mindset.



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