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Defining Global Mindset

For many years, as a global CEO coach, I have used the Global Mindset phrase to indicate an orientation of openness towards other cultures, other people, and another way of doing things. 

Globalization of Business and Developing a Global Mindset

As you probably have experienced, the world today is not the one most of us grew up in.  Radical changes have occurred, the biggest drivers include global economic opportunities, trade liberalization and the communications revolution. This has strategic advantages and challenges. #globalmindset

What is Global Mindset?

I first started to use this phrase in the 1990s to describe myself.  It has become popular in the US and abroad, but what does this mean? 

Looking at Global Mindset

How do most of us make decisions? By default! We choose brands, styles, food, hobbies, friends, co-workers and careers that feel comfortable and familiar to us.

Understanding Global Mindset

Gary Ranker defines global mindset as the ability to step outside one’s base culture, and to understand there is no universally correct way to do things.

Meet the Coach

It was about nine months into his role as Leighton Holdings chief executive - a job fraught with high drama and controversy - that Hamish Tyrwhitt first met executive coach Gary Ranker.

Taking Global Executives to Next level

Global Mindset Coaching with CEOs differs greatly from other types of executive coaching.  However, it carries executive coaching’s general goal: helping people be their best selves by improving their behavior. 

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